Thursday, 6 May 2010

Classical Indian Concert with Kamaljeet Ajimal, Thursday 28th April

A very special evening of sublime traditional Indian classical ragas and melodies that inspired The Beatles with Kamaljeet Ajimal on the santoor (Indian hammered dulcimer) accompanied by Kousic Sen on the tabla.

For more information about Kamaljeet, visit

Saturday 1st May: PS I LOVE YOU performance event

St Deluxe with Stephen Lawrie from The Telescopes: The Beatles with added spacey noise drones

The Centre St Sound Project: Free jazz spoken word karaoke

Nightdiver: Far out improvisations with poetry by Lennon McCartney and Christine Bousfield

Mysti Valentine's Helter Skelter of Lurve

The Karaoke Beatles

Bruce Barnes performance poetry

Saturday 1st May

P.S I LOVE YOU exhibition

Bespoke chair by Emily Farncombe and Natalie Murray-Hurst, Video work by Jean McEwan

PS I LOVE YOU exhibition

Bespoke Beatles Chair by Emily Farncombe and Natalie Murray-Hurst

P.S I LOVE YOU exhibition

P.S I LOVE YOU exhibition images

Work by Robert Hope


Work by Tamsyn Mystkowski and Genevieve Ryan

Animation by Sarah Doyle

Digital slideshow by Sybil Aadelaja

Work by Maria Cobo

Floor installation by Laura-Jane Foley

Video work by Morgan Beringer

Work by Ursula Cheng and Seiko Kato

Work by the East Morton and Riddlesden Sunday Painters Association

Graphic series by James Wright