Thursday, 11 March 2010

community, connections

In the process of confirming artists and content for the programme this week. Spending lots of time on facebook twitter central station etc making blogging and setting up groups for the project. I really want the artists taking part to have the opportunity of connecting with the project and each other so its a kind of a personal experience even if people dont get to meet. There are artists taking part from Bradford Leeds Aberdeen Glasgow Edinburgh London Brighton New York Madrid and California. It feels like an opportunity to build some kind of virtual community even if its just a temporary one!
After all The Beatles engaged with the world in an inclusive and communal way. Devin McKinney says in his occasionally brilliant but often bonkers book "The Beatles in Dream and History":
"Their natural instinct was, very simply, wholesale involvement - in whatever form that might take, within whatever population. In this way, The Beatles would take the idea of a mass community to the limits of possibility".

Well Devin, maybe, but I'm hoping that the artists taking part in PS I LOVE YOU have an opportunity to make connections in some way.

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