Wednesday, 24 March 2010

the Delvaux at PS I LOVE YOU, Saturday 1st May

Of an age unsuited to gym pumps and over-taut legware whilst eschewing all things hatted and bearded in the “alt“ stable, the Delvaux look eastward to European idiosyncrasy and historical ephemerata. Doyens of the lyrical cul-de-sac as opposed to the cultural thoroughfare, the Delvaux ply their craft amidst pop’s esoterica.

Julian & I had an uncle who was the exactly the right age for the Beatles and he had all the singles and LPs. He also had a guitar which was the first one I ever picked up.. By the time we were old enough to be interested in pop music in the 70s the Beatles were the obvious choice. It is pretty strange to think that we regarded them as ancient history, even though they had only split up a few years earlier. The exuberance of the first albums, their coolness (particularly John & George) on the sleeves, the mysterious sounds and instrumentations on Rubber Soul/Revolver/Pepper seemed much more interesting than a lot of the contemporary pop. I see these years as a kind of grounding in pop music. Recalling all of that stuff now and the fact that much of the material still sounds cracking today is pretty incredible.

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