Monday, 29 March 2010

Ursula Cheng

I have remained to love Strawberry Fields Forever for many reasons ,its confused and dreamlike nature creates such a sensitivity that advocates this longing of a time past. My intention for this piece was to harness a sense of childhood nostalgia and a naive existence within an escapist reality. These romantic sentiments somehow always draw back into my personal work. I have employed a mix of media and collage in parts. I was keen to bring layers of visual exploration for the viewer, where images end another meets,shapes,patterns, colours and many eyes become key in suggesting the happiness of our reality and a willingness to connect meaningfully to the existing world around us.

Hi, I'm a creative designer originally from Ireland but having spent part of my childhood in Hong Kong I find my work takes a lot of influence from visits to China and also Japan. Specifically vibrant uses of colour ,literature and even old japanese silk screen compositions.
After studying at University of Ulster, Belfast, I decided on a move to Scotland to study Illustration at The Edinburgh College of Art .I graduated in 2009 with Honors in Visual Communication(-Illustration) During this time I also worked and studied in Boston, Massachusetts.
I also Spent a summer doing an artist residency in the Netherlands collaborating with Jewellery designer in Amsterdam and working within collectives creating several events and exhibitions to showcase our work.
I'm now based in Leith, creating mainly personal work in my studio there. I spend my time screen printing at the Edinburgh printmakers and also working on collaborative projects and looking for interesting creative projects to be part of.I'm currently working on apparel design and plan to move into this field with my imagery. In the future I really hope to work as part of a design team working on diverse projects with a combination of different medias and just having fun thinking and creating the unique.

Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng

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